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Beginner Pilates Classes

Learn the core foundations of Pilates. This class is structured for new Pilates students, or those who are interested in refining their movement. You’ll learn the difference between neutral spine and imprint, proper Pilates breathing, ribcage placement, neck placement and pelvic alignment.

Mastering these basics to your practice will ensure you perform each exercise properly and have a clear understanding of muscle engagement. You’ll learn to work your body in all planes of movement, and will master the fundamental exercises that you need in order to improve your practice over time.

Some exercises you’ll do in this class include single leg stretch, scissors, figure 4 resistive stretching and important prep exercises for teasers, plank, pushups and side plank.

This class will teach you proper biomechanics so that as you grow in your practice you’ll know how to protect your back, use Pilates breathing to intensify each exercise, and how to create opposition in your body.

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