Mat Pilates Classes at Studio Blue Pilates

Getting Started

At Studio Blue we offer the most robust Pilates and yoga group class schedule in the Portland area with over 40 classes per week to choose from and a wide variety of class formats and instructor teaching styles.

As a new client you’ll get a free week (7 consecutive days, starting any day you choose) of unlimited mat classes including Pilates, yoga, Sculpt (these classes incorporate light free weights), Bosu/Fitness Ball, Springboard equipment classes, and TRX Suspension Training. We encourage you to take as many group classes as you can while they’re free and get to know our different instructors and class formats.

If you’re new to Pilates and don’t have any preexisting conditions such as back issues, chronic pain, or recent injury or surgery, you can start out with both Beginner and All Level classes. Beginner classes introduce you to the basics of spinal alignment, core stabilization and proper Pilates breathing…all of which are important to help you engage the proper muscle groups and get the most out of each exercise. And we’ll make sure you learn to start your Pilates practice safely by teaching you how to keep the exercises out of your lower back and how to avoid creating back and neck tension.

Our All Level classes cater both to beginners and those who have practiced Pilates for awhile. In these classes your instructor offers modifications or “starting points” for many of the exercises, as well as more advanced variations on them for the experienced student.

Even if you have been doing Pilates for years, the Studio requires you to take at least 10 All Level classes OR get instructor approval before moving on to the Intermediate level. Please speak with the front desk if you would like to be considered for Intermediate classes before meeting this prerequisite.

If you do have a preexisting medical condition, disc issues, osteopenia or osteoporosis, or any other ongoing pain or chronic medical condition, please call us at 503-224-5073 to discuss other options before starting group classes. We may recommend you start with private sessions before moving on to group classes to ensure your safety and enjoyment.

To Schedule Your First Mat Class:

Call us at 503-224-5073 or email with any personal information we need to best recommend the most appropriate place to start. We will put a free week of classes on an account for you, allowing you to schedule classes online and change or cancel reservations. Your free week won’t start until you actually show up for your first class. Plan to be here 10-15 minutes prior to the start of your first class to fill out a New Client Registration form. You can also download the form here and bring it with you if that’s more convenient.

Studio Blue is a barefoot studio, so no shoes are allowed in the mat room. You may wear toe socks. We provide several types of mats free of charge (they are wiped down after each class), but if you prefer to bring your own mat, that’s ok!

We have a free parking lot underneath our studio located on NW 22nd in between Overton and Pettygrove.

Please wear form fitting, comfortable, stretchy clothing that will allow your body to move freely and lets your instructor see your posture and alignment during class. We believe in providing hands on instruction in group classes, and your instructor may make slight corrections and adjustments during class to help you get the maximum benefit from each exercise and to ensure you are doing each exercise safely. If you absolutely do NOT want to be touched or corrected in class, please notify your instructor or the front desk before class begins.

When you arrive for class please sign in at the front desk. If you are reserved, initial next to your name, or if you are dropping in to a class, write your name in the space provided. For your safety, and as a courtesy to your instructor and fellow classmates, clients arriving more than 5 minutes late for class will not be allowed in to the classroom.

If you need to cancel a mat class reservation, please call or email us at least 2 hours prior to the start of class.

Mat Class Waitlist Policy

Occasionally classes may be full and you will be put on a waitlist. If we have a cancellation and you are moved from the waitlist and confirmed in the class, you will receive an automated email right away. If you are wait-listed for a morning class, please check your email as early as possible to see if you may have gotten into a class due to an overnight cancellation. If your wait-listed reservation is confirmed any day prior to the day of the class, we assume you will attend class; if you have made other plans and cannot attend it is your responsibility to cancel your reservation by phone, email, or online. If a spot opens up for you the SAME DAY that class is held, we will also call you to confirm your attendance. If you receive an email from us for a same day reservation, please hit “reply” with a “yes I’ll be there” or “no I can’t make it” message so we can free up your spot for another client.

Late Cancel/No Show Policy

Our early cancellation policy for mat classes is at least 2 hours prior to the start of class. After that, you will be considered a “late cancel” and subject to a $19 drop in fee. If you “no show” a reserved class you will also be charged a $19 drop in fee.

A complete listing of our group class policies can be found here. If you have a question that is not covered here or in our class policies please call us at 503-224-5073 or email and we would be happy to answer it!

We look forward to meeting you and welcome to our Studio Blue family!

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