Studio Blue Yoga

Yoga Flow – All Levels

All – This is a gentle yoga class where we move our bodies “in a flow” incorporating the breath toward a more meditative awareness. You will move through a series of stretches and strengthening body poses. This class is suitable for all levels, especially beginners, and we will cultivate greater mental and physical awareness, strength, and flexibility.

Pilates | Yoga Flow – Beginner

Yoga and Pilates are made for each other! Traditional Pilates exercises will be mixed with the deep stretches and strengthening poses from yoga. This class is ideal for Pilates lovers who want relief from chronic pain in their hamstrings, hips, back, and shoulders.

Pilates | Yoga Sculpt – Intermediate

All – This class is designed to be a total body workout sculpting every major muscle group by combining light weights with traditional yoga postures and core exercises. The routine flows from one pose to the next while working toward total mind/body harmony. This class includes a vigorous lunge series with extended standing balance and floor stretch moves, and will burn fat, while lengthening the muscles for a more lean physique. This workout is the perfect complement to your regular yoga or Pilates practice.

Yin Yoga

Much of the stress, injury, and strain we experience physically comes from the the immense energy we expend resisting gravity, and propelling ourselves through it. Yin yoga seeks deep relaxation by releasing muscles and connective tissue into gravity in proper alignment, through supported poses. When our bodies are supported through props and poses, it is able to let go of holding patterns, decompress, and begin the process of healing and realigning bones and muscles. Not only is this class wonderfully relaxing and restorative, it is a must for active and athletic people, to bring balance and ease of movement into the body.

Core Yoga

This is a Forrest Yoga-inspired practice designed to strengthen and connect you to your “center”, physically, mentally and emotionally. The first step to a stronger core is becoming a better breather…in this class, you will learn how to breathe into your entire core, stimulating flexibility, ease AND strength. You will practice relaxing your neck, spinal mobility, invigorating abdominal exercises, and some standing yoga poses to incorporate moving from center. This class is suitable for all levels and will always offer modifications for injuries and varying abilities.
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