Tim Young

Tim Young

Massage Therapist

Pricing & Rates

30 Minute Massage | $45
60 Minute Massage | $80
90 Minute Massage | $110

5 Pack 30 Minute Massage | $215
5 Pack 60 Minute Massage | $385
5 Pack 90 Minute Massage | $540

10 Pack 60 Minute Massage | $750
10 Pack 90 Minute Massage $1050

Tim Young
I am a graduate of the University of Western States (formerly Western States Chiropractic College) massage program in NE Portland with training focused in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports/Ortho/Rehab and Medical Massage. Massage is a career change for me that I wish I had discovered earlier. With a previous degree in business management and working in the business world I know firsthand the stresses of working long hours and weekends, dealing with last minute deadlines and cubicle land environments. I love working in the health care field and doing massage. Helping others feel better fits my personality perfectly, is rewarding and gives me great satisfaction.