Tami Sousa

Tami Sousa

Expert Pilates & TRX Instructor

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Single | $85
5 Pack | $415
10 Pack | $800

Tami Sousa
Tami has been certified in Pilates since 2007 through PhysicalMind Institute and holds a level 1 and 2 Sports Medicine Training certification in TRX since 2010.

She has always had a passion for athletics. Her life is centered around exercise, consisting of jogging, weight lifting and various forms of physical activity, which initially drew her to a career in Pilates. She understands that reaching fitness goals can strengthen peoples lives, both mentally and physically and she enjoys teaching and witnessing these positive results with her clients. Tami is very experienced in working with clients who are new to Pilates, as well as former and current athletes who seek different benefits from her role as an instructor. She strives to bring out the best in each client, by performing various techniques, staying current with research, and always wanting to learn more knowledge from other athletic specialists. Her teaching style is encompassed around creating unique training sessions that focus on core strength, with mindfulness of body control, movement and overall awareness. Tami enjoys using TRX as an early tool for sports rehabilitation with many of her sports based clients. She has a special interest in working with runners, to either expedite their recovery, or find a way to prevent future running related injuries.

Tami’s expertise is in observing and assessing movement, then developing strategic treatment plans to improve dysfunctional patters of body movement, all while educating her patients on ways to improve and avoid future injury.

Tami’s passion for sports, personal well-being and care for others has developed into her being an amazing Pilates Instructor, as she truly cares about her clients’ best interests, hoping to see them all exceed in various ways. Eliminating injury, keeping people happy and motivated is what makes Tami thrive and truly love being a Pilates Instructor.