“It feels tremendous to have found a place that I truly look forward to going to, being physical, being vulnerable, working on being stronger and more centered. As with anything, it’s the people that make a place, and while you do have a great product, that your instructors are so personable, approachable and unique makes all the difference.”

“The staff at Studio Blue was very welcoming. They provided me the extra instruction I needed as a beginner. I am encouraged to return to try more classes.”

“Super nice staff and instructors. Instructors pay major attention to my body’s quirks. Classes are interesting and varied.”

“This is an awesome studio for a variety of well-guided classes. Very professionally run without being alienating or off-putting.”

“Beautiful space, very friendly and helpful instructors.”

“This place is great! From the atmosphere, instructors and variety of classes…everything is perfect. I highly recommend Studio Blue to anybody looking for a great place to get in a little workout.”

“The staff are top notch, facilities are clean and well maintained, classes are small and I am always greeted like family. I love that the staff truly cares about me and asks how my injuries are healing. This isn’t a factory-style approach to fitness. I’ve never had so much fun getting in shape.”

“When I first started, I was not very flexible, my abs were weak and I was suffering from low back pain. After the first week I could feel my abs getting stronger. After the first month I could see my posture improving. And after 3 months, 40 years of back pain is now gone. Thank you!!!”

“Studio Blue has the BEST staff—start with the introductory privates! They make a huge difference, and I finally learned the RIGHT way to do pilates. The mat classes are fabulous—every instructor has their own take, but everyone has the Studio Blue “feeling.” At the end of class, my body is energized, and I get a special spring in my step. I love the Studio Blue work out, and I feel better than I have in years! Plus, the PRICE IS REALLY GOOD.”

“Pilates has improved my flexibility and given me amazing core strength. I also feel taller and leaner after Pilates, which was confirmed after my last doctors visit. I have grown 1/2 an inch, from 5′ 5.5″ to 5′ 6″! I always walk out of the studio feeling lighter, more centered and energized than I did when I came in  I’m one of those people who doesn’t really like “going to the gym”…but I love the feeling and results I’m getting with Studio Blue Pilates!”

“Studio Blue is my Pilates family.  I was convinced to try Pilates for the first time at Studio Blue a year ago. I am an athletic girl, but I am not much of a “yoga person.” But, after my first class, my soul was sold to Pilates. I have been coming to Studio Blue for a year now, and it has become my second home. Every instructor is talented and different, and over this past year my body has changed for the better. I am more flexible, stronger, and without a doubt, have more energy.”

“I have always avoided any sort of exercise because a) it hurts, b) it is not fun and feels like work and c) its embarrassing/intimidating for me to go to a gym. So, with much trepidation I made my first private Pilates session w/ Dan. I was warmly greeted in a lovely, cozy space and felt so comfortable, I hardly knew that I was about to work out.

I have been going to private sessions since this summer and my bod is transformed! How, you may ask? Well, not only can I touch my toes, but two weeks ago, I touched the floor — a feat I have never been able to accomplish. Beside that, my butt looks smokin’ and I have abs — me!”

“I found Pilates three years ago; I was over weight and experiencing chronic knee pain. As a chef, I spend ten hours a day on on my feet. My body was failing — it could not handle the physical stress. Through the training Pilates offers, I lost seventy-eight pounds and changed the way I move. I have new energy for life, and no longer have knee pain.”

“Great pilates studio!  There are so many different classes to take and they’re offered at multiple times so you can usually find one to fit your schedule. Some of the classes are great for stretching. Other classes are more hardcore. This is a great studio for anyone, even total beginners like me!”

“Best Pilates Studio in Portland! Best Prices!I have been impressed with Studio Blue from the first time I walked through the doors. The studio itself is a wonderful space that exudes tranquility and relaxation. The owners are exceptionally nice and show genuine care for each of their clients, no matter what their fitness level. They actually make classes really fun and enjoyable. Overall, you could not find a friendlier staff or better prices anywhere else.”

“Every teacher we have had at Studio Blue has been wonderful. Excellent teachers and very caring. My husband has serious medical issues and they have been very supportive in working with him. Highly recommend them!”

“Studio Blue Pilates has saved my body!  Studio Blue has made me realize how important it is to take care of your body for best overall health. I am a professional cook and pilates has helped with chronic back pain, bad posture, and sore legs and feet. I started out taking mat classes only and have progressed into equipment and private sessions. In one year I lost 13 pounds and had to have my wedding dress taken in two sizes. It has been worth every penny and is a better deal then belonging to a gym or yoga studio.”

“I love Studio Blue. Every teacher I’ve had is motivating, kind and full of good energy.. I leave class feeling a sense of clarity in my mind, my body feeling strong and balanced, the stress of my day gone.And really: the people who work there are super, super nice. I don’t ever get the feeling of being judged; rather, it’s more like, ‘Woo hoo! Good job for coming to class today! Let’s sweat!’”

“For years I’ve been a card-carrying “gym rat” but I shortly after moving to Portland I decided to look for a new approach to keeping fit, staying strong, and improving my overall well-being. I found it at Studio Blue. I have to admit that their ‘one-week free trial’ got me in the door, but their class variety, positive attitudes, knowledgeable and friendly instructors have kept me coming back. I’m now addicted!  Because I had never done pilates before, I was worried about “doing it right” and not hurting myself in the process. I am always appreciative of the personal attention I get from every instructor, in every class I’ve taken. They do a wonderful job making sure you have a great (and safe) experience.”

“10 Years of Pain Gone!!! All of the instructors are great! They are all unique in their style. The one thing they all have is a true love for what they do and great knowledge of the body. When I first started coming, I had hip and back pain.  After doing privates on the pilates equipment twice a week for just a couple of months my 10 years of pain was gone. I would recommend Studio Blue to anyone!”

“The environment at the studio is very welcoming and the staff is very smart and friendly. I have been going to the gym for years and just started using the pilates machines. They are intense and I was sore for days, in all the right spots!”

“Instructors are classically trained and have experience from many different perspectives (yoga, rehab, qigong, etc.).  Studio Blue has a tremendous impact in my sports performance and general well being.  I’d recommend to anyone.”

“Studio Blue is a calming, welcoming, healing place to learn about your body and to challenge yourself.”

“This place is as good as it gets: helpful instructors, challenging classes (no matter your level), and caring staff all around  As someone with NO Pilates experience at all, only yoga, I can confidently say this is a great place to come and learn. The environment is nonthreatening or competitive in any way, shape or form.  As someone with multiple sports related injuries, it’s pretty hard for me to find group classes that I can actually participate in. Thankfully, this is not the case at Studio Blue.”

“I’m kind of a lard ass right now and these classes aren’t all easy but there isn’t an air of pretension, you can go at your pace, but they all do push you.  The mix is awesome, from as intense as the Sculpting classes that kick my butt to the Breathe classes that I take in the middle of the week to get over the week’s hump.  My body is constantly sore telling me that despite my soft outer shell, I got some muscles still working down there and carrying my body through life.  What’s awesome is it’s making me want to run again as I used to, it’s kind of fabulous.”

“Dan and his staff as knowledgeable, excellent teachers, as well as being warm and welcoming. I wish I could find another studio like Studio Blue where I live, but I don’t think it’s possible.  Highly, highly recommended!”

“I’m a huge fan of great customer service, and it seems to be so rare lately.  Dan and Joanne have perfected customer service!   I really really love the online scheduling system…and the instructors work really hard to get to know each student.  I feel like the classes are challenging, but not impossible.”

“My Dr. recommended I try Yoga or Pilates as a low-impact way to get into shape and shed some unwanted poundsThey offer your first week free, and mats and props are provided which is perfect for a true beginner like me.  I’m wretchedly out  of shape, and have no idea what I’m doing, but the instructors are  so caring, understanding and helpful that I’m sure both of those things will change soon! I was worried that I’d feel insecure or out-of-place as a chubby beginner who hasn’t worked out in WAY too long, but everybody has been really supportive, and, while the classes are a workout, they really encourage you to work within your own limitations. I’ve never actually enjoyed exercise before, but now I see what I’ve been missing!”

“Awesome pilates and yoga classes for all levels and fabulous instructors! There’s a really good vibe too – it’s not at all stuffy like some studios I’ve been to.”

“After developing a rare, untreatable, extremely painful spinal condition in 2000, (adhereing arachnoiditis) I grew even more clumsy. My left leg, which also suffered nerve damage, was significantly smaller than the other, due to atrophy Entire sets of muscles were unable to fire due to the disease and disuse. I had been unable to exercise at all due to my condition and gained fifty pounds.
Within six private sessions, I no longer walked with a cane. My weight kept dropping. My arms and legs grew stronger, and because of my new core strength I was able to walk at a nearly normal pace for more than a mile. I NEVER thought I would be able to get to that level again. The best result I’ve had working is the pain reduction I’ve experienced. I’m not pain free, and never will be. However, my pain level stays at the 4 to 5 level on the pain scale (1-10,) down from the 5-6 range it had been before I started private instruction.
After five months of pilates with Wendy and Dan, I smile more often. I like looking for clothes again–I’ve lost 45 pounds! I feel healthier, sexier, and even smarter! I guess you could say I’m evangelical about pilates at Studio Blue.”

“They really make the classes fun and comfortable for everyone; no matter what level you’re at. In every class I take, I get personalized instruction and coaching. They make sure I am performing the exercises in perfect form and to the best of my ability and level – which leads to a much more efficient workout.After one week I felt my waist tightening. After every class I feel strong, flexible, relaxed, and in a good mood. What more could I want from a workout?!  Thanks you guys!!!!”

“Pilates is the perfect cross-trainer for skater. It has proved to be the only solution for my chronic hip injury that neither physical therapy, chiropractors nor rest could cure. Pilates (POISE) has helped my skating immensely. I feel so much stronger and in control on the ice–it seems that everything we do in Pilates can be applied to skating. I’ve noticed dramatic improvement in the spring and crispness of my jumps, the deepness of my edges, and the flexibility of my spirals. Pilates helps to develop strong, long and lean muscles while increasing flexibility at the the same time. Plus, I’ve never felt more in shape!”