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Massage therapy is most effective as an ongoing treatment, especially if you workout frequently, experience stress or sit for long periods of time. Frequency allows us to catch issues before they become problems and our massage packages are designed to make sure you get the continuous care you need. You can use these 60-minute sessions anytime you need them, within 6 months of purchase. We suggest you schedule your sessions when purchasing them to better your chances of getting the dates/times you want. Read below, and decide which package best suits your needs.

60 Minute Massage 
a body recharge

If you’ve gone too long between massages, and your primary trouble knots have grown out of control, it’s time to recharge from head to toe. Enjoy a 60-minute massage using ideal pressure to tame and re-balance tension areas, leaving you refreshed and ready for life.

90 Minute Massage 
a dedicated full-body massage

Do you hate choosing between having your feet rubbed and spending extra time on chronically painful muscles? This 90-minute session offers plenty of time dedicated to resolving current troublesome issues, as well as time to pamper your hands and feet.

Shiatsu Massage 

Shiatsu is based on Chinese Medicine, the system of channels of
energy (meridians) in the body. A Shiatsu session consists of a verbal
health intake and various techniques of pressure, rocking, stretches and
joint rotations. These techniques stimulate the points and meridians,
facilitating the body’s innate ability to regain balance and heal itself.
Shiatsu works to address both the symptoms of an illness and the
underlying causes. Shiatsu addresses the whole person – physical,
emotional, mental and spiritual. A Shiatsu session is received
traditionally on a futon mat or on a massage table while clients wear
stretchy, comfortable clothing.

Please contact us for a consultation so we can design a program for your needs.

Studio Blue Pricing & Rates

60 Minute Massage | $110
90 Minute Massage | $140

5 Pack 60 Minute Massage | $540
5 Pack 90 Minute Massage | $690

10 Pack 60 Minute Massage | $1050
10 Pack 90 Minute Massage $1350

60 Minute Shiatsu Massage | $110
90 Minute Shiatsu Massage | $140

5 Pack 60 Minute Shiatsu Massage | $540
5 Pack 90 Minute Shiatsu Massage | $690

10 Pack 60 Minute Shiatsu Massage | $1050
10 Pack 90 Minute Shiatsu Massage $1350

Massage Therapists

Emilie Cross, LMT

Emilie Cross, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

Emilie believes that massage is an art form and is continually trying to perfect it. Early in her career she was awarded Best Massage of L.A. in Allure Magazine for her main technique which is a fusion of highly intuitive Swedish and deep tissue with a blend of shiatsu and Esalen style massage. She has also studied lomi lomi, trigger point, reiki, oscillation therapy, and prenatal massage.

Read more about Emilie

Heather Wolfgang, LMT

Heather Wolfgang, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

Her therapeutic style is a blend of deep tissue, myofascial release, and trigger point, and she has specific interest in sports, pregnancy and postpartum, and TMJ dysfunction work.

Read more about Heather.

Happy Clients

Thanks for the opportunity to comment. I’ve been in to see Emilie for a massage twice. Emilie is amazing. As a former massage therapist, I think I have high standards when it comes to massage technique and table-side manner. Her body assessments are quick and accurate, she is incredibly polite and professional, and makes every attempt to ensure your comfort. I really appreciate that she’s good about checking in early on and then silently adjusting technique according to how my body reacts as the massage goes on. I also appreciate the time she takes to discuss ‘after care’ as they are steps people forget so often that help ensure maximum benefit of a massage. I’m looking forward to having her as my “go to” for massages in the future.  I just wish she were available for a wider range of hours on the weekend!

I would love to share my experience with Emilie.I was having some terrible lower back pain and took a week off from pilates and decided I should try a massage.  Many clients at Studio Blue had been raving about Emilie so I thought I would give her a try – She was amazing!  Within the first 5-10 minutes of talking with her about my back pain, I felt like she totally understood what was going on in my body and gave me lots of suggestions and tips on what to do going forward.  She was incredible and I can’t wait to book another appointment with her.

I have had several massages with Emilie and think she is just absolutely fantastic. The ambiance, booking, and experience is all around great. I am a physical therapist and have been sending all my patients who ask for a massage referral to her. I will definitely continue to book with her!

I had a massage with Emilie last month. I was a bit skeptical because I’ve had mediocre experiences before. Despite that, I went and was so very glad that I did. The massage with Emilie was unlike any other. She asked about pressure, and somehow managed to find just the right pressure. She could feel exactly where I needed to loosen up, and worked on those areas with a bit more intensity. I walked out of there feeling like a million bucks. I already have another appointment scheduled with her next weekend. I can’t wait. I’ve been telling other people about how good she is. Between her and Devin, I am in magic hands.

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