Emilie Cross

Emilie Cross

Massage Therapist

Pricing & Rates

30 Minute Massage | $45
60 Minute Massage | $80
90 Minute Massage | $110

5 Pack 30 Minute Massage | $215
5 Pack 60 Minute Massage | $385
5 Pack 90 Minute Massage | $540

10 Pack 60 Minute Massage | $750
10 Pack 90 Minute Massage $1050

Emilie Cross
Emilie believes that massage is an art form and is continually trying to perfect it. She studied in Los Angeles, CA at the Institute of Psycho Structural Balancing as well as the renown California Healing Arts College. This started her journey into healing which has progressed into a profound love. Early in her career she was awarded Best Massage of L.A. in Allure Magazine. This was for her main technique which is a fusion of highly intuitive Swedish and deep tissue with a blend of shiatsu and Esalen style massage. She has also studied lomi lomi, trigger point, reiki, oscillation therapy, and prenatal massage.

Her decade of experience was in a top end resort style spa in Santa Monica, CA. It was there she worked with a multitude of clientele from celebrities, professional athletes, moms to be, and everything in between. She learned to tailor each massage to the individual and developed as a patient compassionate listener while maintaining beauty and grace with the flow of massage. She will offer suggestions on exercises to improve postural alignment both in your personal and/or business life. She believes in the deep connection of the mind, body and spirit to understanding and achieving lasting results. Each session includes: hot stones, hot towels, warmed neck pillow, aromatherapy, top of the line massage bedding and oils.

She is incredibly grateful for having found a deep love of yoga which has helped her overcome her own chronic pain issues and has helped build a strong physical and spiritual foundation. When she is not massaging or doing yoga she likes to indulge in other creative pursuits like cooking, painting, hiking or curling up with a great book.