Reformer Classes

For a true test to your core, nothing works better than the Pilates Reformer. These semi-private classes with an emphasis on rhythmic, flowing movements will increase strength, flexibility and stamina while also improving alignment, balance, coordination and tone. The result? A uniformly developed body with strong back and abdominal muscles. The Reformer’s adjustable springs allow for progressive resistance, which helps to lengthen and strengthen the muscles rather than building bulk. Although some of these exercises may seem simple – the effects go deep, and you’ll engage muscles you never knew you had and get great results FAST.

Reformer for Rehabilitation

This gentle yet specific class is a great introduction to Reformer for beginners as well as those recovering from upper and lower limb injuries, back injuries and/or chronic pain. This class focuses on proper alignment and healthy body movement mechanics to achieve comfortable and greater range of movement. Strengthens and lengthens muscled in supported positions through gentle spring resistance training.

A great place to start. This class is recommended to people who are newer to Pilates or to the studio, and would like to try working with the machines. In order to take this class you must have worked at least once with the reformer, either through a private or at another studio.

This is a mixed level class. Prerequisites include a minimum of 5 reformer sessions or 5 private classes with an instructor.

This class is designed for the intermediate student who seeks a more vigorous core body workout. Prerequisites include a minimum of 10 privates or 10 reformer classes.

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