Start your Pilates practice with 5 private sessions at $250!

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New to Pilates?
Get your practice off to a great start with private Pilates sessions at a very special price. You’ll learn the basics of breathwork, spinal alignment and proper core engagement that will provide you with a solid foundation for you to develop your practice. You’ll also have the chance to ask questions and work with a certified, experienced instructor who will assess your strength, flexibility and balance while gently guiding you with hands on support.

After completing your 5-Session Introductory package you may choose to continue growing your private practice, or consult with your instructor about taking group reformer classes.

Suffering from chronic pain, recent injury or surgery?

Starting with privates is your safest course of action if you have preexisting medical conditions including, but not limited to herniated discs, osteoporosis, sciatica or have just completed physical therapy rehabilitation following an injury or surgery. You may need to “relearn” how to fire muscles correctly, and your instructor will be able to see and feel the best way to get your body moving properly and to alleviate your pain. The best way to reduce chronic back pain is by strengthening your core muscles, and Pilates is the most effective method of choice by many physicians and physical therapists. We would be happy to talk to your doctor for a full health history in order to best serve your individual needs.

Want to increase your athletic performance?
Private instruction can also help intensify and customize your workout or perhaps you just prefer a personal “one on one” coaching experience. Dancers, Olympians athletes, and professional athletes consistently turn to Pilates to learn how to train and perform at peak levels while greatly reducing the chance of injury. If you are active in individual or group sports, or just love hiking, cycling or running, we can customize a routine to train your body in all available planes of movement to increase your performance and reduce your recovery time with fewer aches and pains.

Call us at 503-224-5073 so we can discuss your current health and wellness practices and your fitness goals, ask about preexisting conditions, and recommend the best way for you to start.