Wendi Albro

Wendi Albro

Expert Pilates Instructor

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Wendi Albro
Wendi found Pilates in 1998 through her training in modern dance in Seattle, WA. She was amazed at it’s effectiveness in treating chronic back pain, something she had been dealing with on and off since her early days as a competitive gymnast. Not only that, but Pilates improved her dancing, giving her a greater sense of balance, strength, and proper alignment. Later, she also used Pilates to rehabilitate a knee injury.

In 2004, Wendi moved to San Francisco where she began the Pilates Teacher Training course at Ellie Herman Studios. After becoming certified, she then completed the Janda Method of Neuromuscular Repatterning, with Lizz Roman, which is a method that combines the principles of Pilates with posture analysis, gait assessment, and muscle testing. In San Francisco, Wendi had the pleasure of working closely with several highly respected trainers, all of whom have studied with some of the best in the business.

Patient and dedicated, Wendi’s inclusive approach to Pilates is infused with a love and the understanding of how movement is a critical component to health and well-being. She continually welcomes new ideas to expand her knowledge in how to address each individual’s particularities and needs.