Vaughn Ballew

Pilates Instructor

Vaughn Ballew

Like many instructors, Vaughn found Pilates as a way to recover from multiple injuries she incurred as a young athlete. She tried physical therapy for 4 years but was discouraged by her lack of progress in building strength and mobility. She then turned to Pilates as an alternative treatment and in just 6 short months, Vaughn was astonished to see her strength and mobility dramatically improved. That’s when Vaughn’s love affair with Pilates began!

Vaughn studied with BASI master trainer Sondra Karman for 8 years, learning to work with clients having a wide range of preexisting conditions and at various fitness levels. Having seen firsthand how Pilates fast-tracked her own rehabilitation, Vaughn is passionate about using Pilates with her rehab clients. She loves teaching individuals privately, where she can direct each client’s focus more intently and guide them on proper form and muscle recruitment. “With Pilates I am able to help anyone, at any age, in any condition, rapidly creating effective and undeniable results,” she commented.

Teaching group classes, Vaughn strives to maintain a strong focus on form and alignment, using specific tactile and visual cues. She loves leading group classes utilizing the BASI repertoire, creating classes that are fun, challenging, and well rounded, whether in the mat room or on the reformer.

Outside the studio, Vaughn is a true animal lover who also enjoys making crafts, baking, hiking, playing piano, and snuggling with her kitty Leo.