How to Use Voice Chat on Fortnite for Mobile

Fortnite on Switch will support voice chat through the headphone jack and not through some stupid phone app, just like a normal-ass game. It’s not currently available in the Switch version of Epic’s popular battle royale game that launched today but will be on Thursday.

Competitive games like Fortnite benefit greatly from players being able to talk to each other. Nintendo has previously tried to implement voice chat on Switch, though in classic Nintendo fashion it was via a weird, unwieldy system that required you to use an adapter to hook yourself up into both your Switch and your phone to use an app to chat with other players.

Fortnite, though, is not going to have that problem. You can just plug your headphones into the jack like God intended, according to developers from Epic Games on today’s Nintendo Treehouse Live stream from the E3 show floor.

How to Use Voice Chat on Fortnite for Mobile

The fortnite voice chat not working mobile involves utilizing the Xbox App’s built-in party chat feature instead. First, you’ll have to sign up for a Microsoft account if you don’t have on already, which you can do over on the Microsoft website.

Once you’ve got a Microsoft account, the next step is to download the free Xbox App from the App Store on your mobile device. The Xbox App has a party chat function that you can use to talk to friends on mobile while playing Fortnite on your iPhone or iPad.

To use the voice chat feature on the Xbox App, open the app on your device and tap the icon on the top bar that has three outlined people. This is the Parties tab, which allows you to start a party with your friends and begin voice chat. To start a party chat, select the friends you want to add from your friend’s list on the app, then invite them to a party.

Now you should be able to voice chat with your friends while playing Fortnite on your mobile device. You may want to plug in headphones or earbuds as well so that you can better hear the gameplay sounds as well as your friends in your party.

One of the benefits of using the Xbox App as a voice chat alternative is that it works for users on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC as well since it is integrated into all these platforms. Plus, you can use the Xbox App as a chat alternative while playing other mobile battle royale games, such as FortCraft or PUBG Mobile.

While this isn’t method may not be ideal, it beats having to play Fortnite on mobile without a way to communicate with your squad. For more Fortnite tips and tutorials, head over to our Fortnite Battle Royale Guide Hub, where you can learn more about how to play cross-platform in Fortnite.

Dealing with Headset

Making sure that your headset is performing well is the first place where you should start to try fixing the problem. Unplug your headset and re-plug it back and forth. Check the volume buttons and make sure that you haven’t pressed the mute button given on the headset.

You gotta test the mic by checking it on other platforms to ensure it’s not causing issues elsewhere, that means the mic is working fine. On the other hand, if you are using a wireless headset, check if it has stable connectivity to the device connected.

And if it checks all the boxes as mentioned, that means the mic itself isn’t the reason you being not able to voice chat with your game mates on Fortnite.