Thank You, Studio Blue…

by Sandra M

I found Studio Blue when I moved into the Pearl district without a car, and wanted to find a place to exercise within walking distance of where I lived.  I was initially looking for a yoga studio, but not finding one I was really comfortable with, I decided to check out pilates studios as well.  On one of my first visits to the original location of Studio Blue, I met Dan, the owner.  My first impression of the Studio was that it was so calm and peaceful, warm and inviting and in time realized that was all an extension of Dan’s personality.  He is such a kind-hearted, beautiful soul, and he encouraged me to give pilates a try.  I quickly became comfortable with pilates, Studio Blue, and wonderfully talented staff and instructors.  And here we are, nine years later!

Over the years I’ve gotten to know the ownership team of Dan, Joanne and Jen, the staff, and instructors as people and friends, and not just the person behind the desk, or the leader at the front of the room.  I’ve come to enjoy lounging on the couch between classes when I double-up and enjoy a visit with other clients and/or whoever is working the desk.  I know I am always welcome at Studio Blue, and I know my wellness truly does matter here.  It really has become my “third place”.

Then came the pandemic.  Studio Blue was able to turn on a dime and go virtual with live-streaming classes, which I am so grateful for.  With quarantining and working from home, their flexibility allowed me to maintain some normalcy in my exercise routine, for all the basic reasons of supporting my physical health, and with an increased importance on mental health too.  Also being so grateful that I am able to work from home, it struck me how small businesses, Studio Blue included, don’t have that luxury.  Their future is much more uncertain.  Knowing that, I decided I wanted to give the gift of gratitude back to Studio Blue.  In the ONLINE STORE, I found the option to “Make Donation to Studio”.  For Studio Blue and all of the Studio Blue community, I ask that you join me in contributing what you can.  Together we really can make a difference for Dan, Joanne, and Jen and support them while they continue to support us.  I look forward to being (safely) back in the Studio in the not-to-distance future.

Congratulations Dan, Joanne, and Jen for building such a wonderful, welcoming wellness business.  I love being part of the Studio Blue vibe!