Are you having chronic pain? Feeling out of balance? Keph can help with private Tensegrity bodywork sessions!

Keph Tensegrity BodyworkThe human body is a ‘Tensegrity structure’ requiring a delicate balance of tensile and compressive forces to hold the entire structure in perfect balance. Tensegrity refers to the forces of tension — muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia — pulling on structure — bones and joints — that keep the body both stable and efficient in mass and movement.

When muscles become too strong or too weak, when ligaments are sprained, or when poor posture is the norm, we lose Tensegrity. This loss is one of the leading causes of sports-related injuries and chronic pain syndromes.

Keph utilizes cutting-edge Tensegrity techniques to release the fascia or connective tissue in a multitude of ways and restore the body back to a healthy, balanced and functioning state.

In a private Tensegrity bodywork session Keph also uses both the Trager release technique of gentle touch and a combination of active and passive movement, and Qigong TuiNa, an ancient form of Chinese massage that specifically targets and releases blockages in the body affecting the fascia, the nervous system, and internal organs.

Call us at 503-224-5073 to schedule your first Tensegrity session with Keph!

If you have never taken privates with us you can take advantage of our 5-session Introductory Privates package and schedule five 1-hour sessions for just $250 (a savings of $150 off Keph’s regular session price).

Keph Sherin

Keph Sherin

Master Pilates & Yoga Instructor

Pricing & Rates

Intro Special – Five 1-hour Sessions: $250
($150 savings!)

Single Session – $80

Five Sessions – $390

Ten Sessions – $750

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