Bellydance Bliss Workshop with Ashley Lopez

Raq-it Bellydance Workshop

Saturday November 22nd | SE Studio
Instructor Ashley Lopez
2:00 – 12:00pm | $40*(If you reserve by November 8th you save an additional $5)

This is an all-levels belly dance technique and dance combinations class that will get you moving, working, and having fun! We’ll start with a brief Pilates and Yoga mat workout to get the abdominals, hips, glutes, and low back warm and strong. Then we’ll move into a few dance drills to practice isolations of the hips, belly, chest, shoulders and arms.

We will work into some simple footwork to really get you moving across the floor, and then we’ll go through a 50-minute non-stop, song-by-song dance routine where you’ll be having so much fun you won’t even know how hard you’re working! Sweat and smile! Get ready to have a blast with belly dance!
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