Neck & Shoulders, Love & Laughter Workshop

Neck and Shoulders, Love & Laughter

With Angelina Vasile

Sunday, February 8th 2015 | NW Studio

12:30pm – 3:00pm | $50

This is THE workshop with keys to releasing stress accumulated in and around your upper body, liberating you to feel more ease and joy. Tightness of the neck and shoulders makes it harder to breathe, dulls sensation in the rest of your body, and thereby dampens our ability to feel pleasure. Learn tools to bring more pleasure into your body!

Using a powerful combination of Pilates, functional alignment, core strengthening, deep Ujayi breathing and the magic of Forrest yoga’s “release your neck” technique, you will learn how to dissolve tension in this commonly and chronically compromised area, and how to better support your posture. Energetically, our shoulders and neck are deeply tied to our freedom and fun. This workshop will help you understand how you can unravel emotional and physical tight spots so that you can come alive in your whole body and life.

This workshop is appropriate for all levels. The room will be gently heated between 75-80 to generate a cleansing sweat.

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