Krista McCurdy

Krista McCurdy

Pilates Instructor

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Single | $80
5 Pack | $390
10 Pack | $750

Krista McCurdy

Krista turned to Pilates in her late twenties to fix her deteriorating posture and a broken shoulder from a bike accident. After being a long time client at Roxanne Graziano Studio in Oakland, California, she enrolled in the 650 hour comprehensive Pilates Instructor Training to become a Pilates instructor, receiving her certificate in 2014.

The positive effect it had on her life, both mentally and physically, is one that she wants to bring to others. Pilates has been the most powerful part of an intense rehabilitation program that began to put her body back together after a severe physical accident. The process of putting her body back together from the ground up has given her invaluable insight and knowledge of how the body functions, only increasing her already deep love of rehabilitation Pilates.

Krista has a strong conviction that anyone can do Pilates, no matter their size, age, or fitness level. Her teaching is led by patience, an encouraging and supportive manner, positivity, and humor. She has an intense dedication to form and alignment, and that the integrity of the movement is what is beneficial, not the size or strength of it. One of her favorite cues is to “relax into the exercise.”

She is on a life-long mission to help ease the tension in the neck and shoulders that almost everyone experiences from position or stress, and to improve posture as a preventative measure against it. She is convinced that a foam roller and a pinky ball are a person’s best friend in this mission!

Above it all, her greatest joy is simply to help someone’s body feel better.

Workshops and Training
Fully certified in all equipment by Roxanne Graziano Pilates

  • 2013: Pathokinesiology of the Upper Extremity, Polestar Pilates
  • 2014: Pain, with Brent Anderson, Polestar Pilates
  • 2015: Workshop with master teacher Siri Dharma Galliano, The Work Starts Anywhere
  • 2015: The Spiraling Scapula with Jean Sullivan
  • 2016: Movement Integrity of the Thoracic Spine, Shoulder Girdle, and Neck, with Tom McCook