with Wendi

moves to Mondays at 3pm starting August 25th

Gyrotonic27Once called “Yoga for Dancers”, the GYROKINESIS® methodology uses gentle repetitive, spiraling, and undulating exercises in a set flow that work to decompress the joints of the body while increasing strength and flexibility. This low impact fitness system can be practiced by everyone regardless of age and fitness capacity.
The benefits of GYROKINESIS® training include:

  • Improves joint mobility and range of motion
  • Reduces stress, releases tension in your body
  • Increases your strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance
  • Increases circulation, energy, and cardiovascular health
  • Sculpts your body
  • Improves body awareness

During each GYROKINESIS® class the entire body is taken through seven types of spinal movement: rounding forward, extending backward, side arching left and right, rotating left and right, and moving in a circular pattern.
Classes are included in mat packages and will begin seated on a low padded stool and continue on to the floor.