Freedom From Your Neck & Shoulders

With Angelina Vasile
Sunday, November 15th | NW Studio*
1:00pm – 3:30pm | $50

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Learn tools to relieve stress, move mindfully and cultivate grace and gratitude for your body.

Using a powerful combination of Pilates, functional alignment, core strengthening, deep breathing and the magic of Forrest yoga’s “release your neck” technique, you will learn how to better support your posture and how to dissolve tension in this commonly and chronically compromised area. Energetically,
our shoulders and neck are deeply tied to our freedom and fun. Angelina will help you understand how you can unravel emotional and physical tight spots so that you can come alive in your whole body–physically, emotionally and spiritually.

*The room will be gently heated to between 70-75 degrees

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