Dan Walton, Owner & Expert Pilates Instructor at Studio Blue Pilates in Downtown Portland Oregon

Dan Walton

Owner & Expert Pilates Instructor

Pricing & Rates

Single | $90
5 Pack | $440
10 Pack | $850

Dan Walton | Teaching Since 2006
Dan opened Studio Blue with a friend and former business partner in February, 2007. His vision was to create not only a place where clients could get fit and reduce or eliminate chronic pain, but also a place where clients would be coached and cared for as though they were family. Dan has an amazing amount of energy and good will which he brings to Studio Blue. He knows how to make clients feel comfortable, yet challenged in both the mat classes he teaches, and in his one-on-one training sessions.

Dan was born on the East Coast, where he was first introduced to wellness by his mother, a yoga instructor and Reiki healer. After moving to Portland and working in the hospitality industry, Dan found his passion for Pilates, completed his Pilates certification and opened Studio Blue. Dan received his certification from Physical Mind Institute in 2005, and has since completed Stott Pilates mat and reformer training. He has also taken Stott’s Injuries & Special Populations course twice, and works with many rehab clients to relieve them of chronic pain, whether it is in the back, neck, knees, hips, or just about anywhere in the body.

At Studio Blue, Dan teaches Pilates classes, runs boot camps and is a personal training instructor. He also has an ongoing program working with the unique needs of competitive figure skaters from the ages of 8 to 17. When he’s not at the Studio, Dan enjoys heading to the beach, running, and hiking. In the Spring of 2010, Dan combined two of his favorite things, the beach and Pilates, and took a group of clients to Mexico for Studio Blue’s first Pilates retreat. Happily for Dan, the retreat was such a success that it has now become a much anticipated, yearly tradition.

Workshops and Training

  • 2006 Physical Mind Certified Mat and Comprehensive Equipment
  • 2008 Stott Pilates Intensive Mat and Reformer
  • 2009 Stott Injuries and Special Populations
  • 2009 Stott Reformer for Men
  • 2009 Stott Mini Ball Workshop
  • 2011 Stott Lower Extremity – Gait Analysis
  • 2013 BASI Comprehensive Training
  • 2013 BASI Rael Workshop
  • 2013 BASI Rael Workshop
  • 2013 Karen Clippinger Osteopersois
  • 2013 Karen Clippinger Scoliosis
  • 2014 Stott Osteoporosis Workshop
  • 2014 Sott Scoliosis Workshop
  • 2106 BASI LFTL Karen Clippinger Shoulder Biomechanics
  • 2016 BASI LFTL Karen Clippinger Countering Computer Slump
  • 2016 BASI LFTL Deborah Lessen Dynamic Alignment of the Lower Leg
  • 2016 BASI LFTL Deborah Lessen Tribute to Carola
  • 2016 FMS Certified Level 1
  • 2106 FMS Trained Level 2