Pilates on the Road Workshop

Instructor Mike Chalfin

Saturday December 6th | NW Studio

1:00 – 3:00pm | $30

Traveling over the holidays? Then come join Pilates instructor Mike Chalfin for this special workshop designed to keep you feeling great whether you’re traveling for work, sightseeing abroad, or going on a long road trip the next state over! Maintaining your fitness and feeling good on the road are key ingredients for any quality trip. Travel during the holiday season is stressful enough and can lead to tension,
aches and pains. Mike will show you how to keep active with your Pilates practice whether you’re in a hotel room or sleeping on an airbed, and will show you great ways to release tight muscles from sitting for hours on planes, trains or automobiles. Mike will guide you through a series of essential exercises and movements to keep your body long, strong, and relaxed no matter how long the journey. You will learn how to use Therabands and Pinky Balls, which are easily packed in any carry on.
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Studio Blue SE Location

Studio Blue SE LocationOur new space is only months away from being completed.

Your current Studio Blue membership will be valid for both our NW and SE studios. Once we begin nearing the opening of our new location we will provide you with all the information necessary for registering online, as well as the schedule that will be offered.
Upon completion we will be hosting our annual Summer Party as a Grand Opening for the space, we hope you can join us!