Best Motherboard for Gaming – MSI B150M Mortar

Before we get into the suggestions, a tiny bit of groundwork for the uninitiated. Best motherboards for gaming come in a few diverse shape figures, the most well-known of which are ATX and Micro ATX. There is an entire pack of other frame elements, yet as a rule, the case you wind up purchasing will presumably bolster either of these sizes.

An attachment sort alludes to the real attachment where the processor “connects to” the motherboard itself. Distinctive makers have different attachments for their CPUs, and unique CPUs from a similar producer won’t share a common attachment. For instance, Intel Core processors come in LGA1151 – be that as it may, likewise LGA1155 – and in some cases LGA1150. AMD processors likewise have shifting attachment sizes.

Presenting double the centers for about the significant portion of the value, Ryzen presents a genuine option for gamers who need a workstation that can pull twofold obligation as a Best Motherboard for gaming rig without using up every last cent. A constant flow of BIOS updates from all the major motherboard makers have subdued the confusion brought about by AM4’s embryonic discharge, and it’s currently conceivable to appreciate a quick, stable, and inconvenience free Ryzen-based venture. Simply ensure you refresh the BIOS using USB before you do whatever else.

MSI B150M Mortar

You most likely speculated by the name. However the Micro ATX frame element is littler than standard ATX, yet there’s still a ton of it. The greatest inconvenience to a Micro ATX board is an absence of numerous GPU choices. The MSI B150M Mortar backings AMD’s Crossfire standard for different GPUs, however not Nvidia’s SLI. Not too huge of a ding against it, but rather unquestionably something to remember.

Beside the absence of SLI support, the B150M Mortar is a strong motherboard, supporting up to 64GB of DDR4-2133 memory. Goodness, it likewise has LEDs to backdrop illumination it inside your case. Say whatever you need in regards to gaming society, LEDs are constantly cool. Continuously. The Mortar Arctic form is a similar board yet in advanced snow-disguise.

Asus M5A78L-M/USB3( Best Gaming Motherboard Under 49$)

This is the monetary allowance fix decision if you would prefer not to worry about much else besides a solitary designs card. If you burrow around, you could presumably snatch yourself one for under $49/£59, and at that value, who cares on the off chance that you can’t stick a cluster of GPUs on there?

One major preferred standpoint the M5A78L-M has, notwithstanding its cost, is locally available illustrations. It has ATI Radeon HD 3000 fabricated appropriate in, which is wonderful in case you’re building your PC piecemeal. If you would prefer not to drop the cash on an illustrations card, regardless you get the chance to utilize your PC. Without a doubt, you won’t get much in the method for gaming until you set aside enough for that Nvidia GTX 1080, however if you additionally utilize the PC for fundamental web and desktop applications, it’s an extraordinary decision.

Gigabyte Aorus AX370 Gaming 5(Editor’s Choice)

Gigabyte’s Horus AX370 Gaming 5 got approval at an opportune time for appearing on time and being steady from Ryzen’s begin, and it remains an excellent midrange AM4 exertion. Gigabyte seems to have dealt with the new stage in front of the opposition, conveying a gaming motherboard that demonstrates a simple accomplice amid the manufacturing procedure and giving a smooth ordeal tantamount to amassing a Z170 or Z270 framework.


White intonations keep away from shading combo issues, and the multi-zone LED execution doesn’t require continually running programming for usefulness. The BIOS itself gives simple access to different LED modes; a valuable element different producers ought to consider replicating since lighting control programming can be the carriage. Like most Gigabyte motherboards, a full scope of implicit seat testing highlights makes equipment tuning a simple get to issue.