Can I add channels to one of Sling TV’s base plans?

Your Sling Television Free Trial will give you 7 days’ access to a premium selection of premium channels. Given the incredible selection of channels, it would be no surprise if Sling TV were to replace your regular cable TV. I suppose ultimately it is just the same as cable TV but available online rather than a standard satellite dish or cable network.

Sling TV is widely available on many devices such as Roku, Xbox, Playstation, laptops, Ipads and many more, so you can watch your free trial on the go without any issues. Sling TV can also offer Video on Demand service, meaning you do not have to watch your shows or movies live but can catch up anytime.

Over 50 live channels including ESPN, Bravo, AMC and more, plus over 80,000 on-demand titles. Live TV on your big screen and all of your favorite devices like Apple TV, Roku, XBOX One, iPhone and many more. No long-term contracts, no hidden fees, and easy online cancellation.

You can sign up for Sling TV through this Activate trial offer for 14 days free to try the service and see if it’s worth the subscription. If you decide to subscribe, you can cancel anytime, as there is no contractual obligation to the service.

How do you pay for sling TV?

Sling Tv accept Debit cards and prepaid cards

What is free Sling TV?
Sling Tv Free is a deal with Roku where they offer some on-demand shows to Roku users with no subscription. The content is smaller than a full subscription, however, there are some premium channels such as AMC and the Disney Channel.

Does Sling TV have a contract?
No, it is a rolling contract meaning you can cancel or resume whenever you like. You can even have one month in one month on indefinitely. Useful if you don’t watch Tv in the hot sticky months but hibernate binge in the winter.

Can I add channels to one of Sling TV’s base plans?

You sure can—but it’ll cost ya.

Once you’ve selected a base plan of Sling Orange and/or Blue, there are several add-on channels (or channel packages) that you can tack-on, the costs of which are folded into your monthly bill.

Most of these extras are a small grouping of channels—like “Comedy Extra,” “Kids Extra,” “News Extra,” “Best of Spanish TV,” etc.—that hover around the $5-to-$8-per-month price range. However, there are also premium channels—like Starz and Showtime—that reach upwards of $10 per month.

What’s more, NBA fans also have the option of adding an NBA League Pass or an NBA Team Pass to their monthly service.

Some of the above might not age well, of course—Sling is constantly adding and subtracting channel extras. Head over to Sling’s official website for a full, up-to-date list of Sling TV channel add-ons.