This week 2 of our staff members received news that someone close to them was diagnosed with advanced cancer. Both people had felt experienced changes in their bodies…but they didn’t recognize these signs as serious indicators of disease.

Our goal at Studio Blue is to help you as healthy as possible. We do our best to help you gain strength and mobility, and to help you rehabilitate preexisting conditions, recover from surgery and reduce your pain.

But we also want to encourage YOU to listen to what your body is saying. As you grow older, you may think new aches and pains, weight loss or gain, increased fatigue, a change in skin tone, and other bodily changes are just part of the normal aging process.

However these and many other symptoms can be your body telling you that something is amiss. And early detection is the biggest contributing factor to preventing and/or curing life threatening conditions such as heart disease or cancer.
In the case of a heart attack, for example, many people know chest tightness or tingling in the left arm may signal an impending heart attack. But did you know upper back pain, shortness of breath and/or jaw pain can also be indicators of heart attack?
With cancer, the signs and symptoms depend on where it is, how big it is and how much it affects the organs or tissues. Early cancer warning signs can include fever, extreme tiredness, or weight loss. Cancer cells use up much of the body’s energy and they may release substances that change the way the body makes energy from food. Cancer may also cause the immune system to react in ways that produce these signs and symptoms.

If you’ve been overly fatigued recently, noticed unexplained weight loss or gain, or just don’t feel like yourself, pay attention to what your body is telling you and talk to your physician. Give yourself “a listen” today.

We want you to stay healthy and look forward to a long future together!