Free Pilates and Meditation Workshop with Kaci

Free Pilates and Meditation Workshop with Kaci

Instructor Kaci Dart

Sunday November 16th | SE Location

4:00 – 5:30PM | Free!

Take time out from this busy holiday season to really become present in this moment. Often our minds wander to the past, which we cannot change, or to the future that we cannot control. We can however control and engage with this moment by focusing on our breath and senses. Control over this moment empowers us and opens up space for our innate healing abilities. In this workshop Kacie will guide you through gentle Pilates movements to connect the body with the mind and to find neutral alignment where our healing energies flow easiest. Guided meditation practice will follow the movement portion of the workshop where you will learn techniques to connect with your breath that you can apply in your everyday life. Students new and experienced with Pilates and Meditation are welcome!

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